Case Studies

"Bob's Budget Busters"
SVP of Sales, Bob Boardley's, broadcast sales teams always make their sales budgets,
but can they do better?

A highly respected salesperson is forced to retire. Was it necessary?
Issues: motivating salespeople, account assignments, performance
measures, performance appraisals, and how to terminate people.

"Charlie Magazine"
A case that requires financial calculations such as Present Value and Net
Present Value.

"Company Values"
The founder of a successful internet startup tells a new COO that the company's product is more important than
money, to go to church, and, most of all, listen to his new employees.  How
is the new GM going to transmit these values to the employees?

"Community Journalism"
A case that examines the ethics of community journalism.

"Creative Casey"
A creative reporter runs a package that makes fun of a TV station's highly
promoted sweep series, and the news director wants to fire her. The problem is
how to manage creative people.

"Justin Freedman"
An informal meeting in a bar with a newly appointed sales manager turns
into an argument. Issues: Sales systems, running meetings, account assignment,
and building trust.

"Freebird Budget"
The assumptions to make when creating a budget for a website named

Several television station sales managers collude with a local agency to set
rates. Issues: Ethical and legal issues of rate-setting and exchanging information,
also how should station management handle the situation.

"Game Theory - Programming"
KAAA-TV has to decide whether to switch to early prime in the Pacific time zone. An
exercise in using a 2 X 2 payoff matrix and a decision tree in making strategic decisions.

"Game Theory - Sales"
The largest media conglomerate (fictional) must decide whether or not to
set up a cross-platform selling team and whether or not to announce it.  An exercise
in using a 3 X 3 payoff matrix and a decision tree to make strategic decisions.

"The Great SOB"
The president of a high-tech sales division is too difficult to deal with and too hard
on employees to keep and too successful to fire.  What does the CEO do?

"Helicopter Wars"
A column from the Kansas City Star is reprinted. The column describes the decision of
WDAF-TV to put up a news helicopter and the subsequent decision of the other two network-
affiliated stations to do likewise. Was the WDAF decision a good one?

HW Payoff Matrix

"The High-Priced Anchor"
A 52-year-old male anchor's five-year contract is up for renewal. The general manager thinks
the anchor has value, but the news director is negative.  How do you structure the deal and
negotiate with the anchor's agent?

"In Trouble"
A news director feels that he is about to be fired by his general manager who listens to an
anchorperson who goes directly to the GM, to another department head that puts everything
in writing, and to the sales manager who brown-noses the GM. The news director feels that
the GM, who is under financial  pressure from the owners, is trying to make him a scapegoat.
What would you advise the news director to do?

"In Trouble - Sales"
A general sales manager feels that he is about to be fired by his general manager who listens to the
local sales manager who goes directly to the GM, to another department head that puts everything
in writing, and to the new director who brown-noses the GM. The sales manager feels that
the GM, who is under financial pressure from the owners, is trying to make him a scapegoat.
What would you advise the sales manager to do?

"KKBT-TV and a Case of Libel"
A case that describes some ethics problems involved in television news coverage, especially
using someone's likeness on the air without permission.

"KPAC-TV's New News Director"
A former successful anchorman moves to a new market as news director but discovers his new
general manager is too involved in making news decisions. Issues: Control and autonomy of
the journalistic product, career decisions, going over management's head.

"KQIP-TV's New General Manager"
A female who was a TV station's news director is promoted over a macho, old-line general sales
manager who accuses her of not trusting him when she asks for sales goals other than making budget,
his only goal in the past.

"Gary Maitland"
A star TV anchorperson is picked up for drunken driving,
and the fact that he is an alcoholic is well known. Issue: How to does general manager handle the
situation--fire him, warn him, etc.
"The Mileage Game"
An exercise that reinforces the idea that salespeople should be out on the road making sales
calls and not in the office planning or forecasting. It is a fun, interactive game that people enjoy
playing. Requires maps of the U.S.

"News Strategy"
A news director who feels she is gaining on the competition has to decide on whether or not
to hire a popular, older anchorman from the competition and whether to persuade the general manager
to do news on a cable channel.

"The Promotion Problem"
Brainstorm and come up with solutions to the "promotion problem" of a local television station.

"Romance in the Office"
A respected reporter complains to the general manager that another reporter in the newsroom is
having a romantic affair with a reporter from a competing station and passing on information about stories.
"A Salesperson's Dilemma"
Should a salesperson reveal the details of a good client's campaign and rates on her Web site to the
client's competitor in return for the promise of a big order?  Sales ethics are explored.

"Samsung on Facebook"
A case study about Samsung's 5:1 ROI from using Facebook.

"Unicom Bank"
A cost-per-point-oriented buyer threatens not to buy all of a national rep's stations if the rep's
all-news radio station in a major market makes a pitch to the buyer's client, a large local bank.
How does the station create value for the bank and get the buyer to agree to buy the station?

"The Unorthodox Owner"
A successful Internet entrepreneur decides to take over as chief revenue officer of his website
and make some unusual moves in the sales area.

"WBUZ's Sales Dilemma"
A local radio station general manager gets an offer from a local hospital for a schedule
at three-times regular rates for a schedule on the condition he not accept advertising from the area's largest local
employer and largest station advertiser--a local brewery. Issues: Ethical and legal issues of freedom of the press,
FCC regulations about contracts, and free speech in regards to advertising.

"When Mediocrity Meets Tragedy"
An habitual mediocre performer's daughter commits suicide.  How does management deal with the tragedy and the
performance problem?

"WQPZ-FM's Budget"
A major-market radio station sales manager has to forecast revenue by quarter for the upcoming
year.  The case is an exercise in the complex process of creating a yearly budget.
     "WQPZ Business Pending Report
     "WQPZ Miller-Kaplan Report
     "WQPZ Pacing Report, 2001
     "WQPZ Pacing Report, 2002
     "WQPZ Sell-Out Report, 2002

"The Wrong Person"
A manager is under pressure to hire someone and makes a lot of mistakes.

"You're The Boss"
You're a new boss who gets your first evaluation from your staff and there are problems. The
staff complains that you don't listen and don't trust them. What should you do to
correct the problems and the perceptions of you as boss?
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