The 7 Basic Rules of Management

The 7-S Model of an Organization

8 Things Employees Want From Managers

Advanced Negotiating Seminar

Advertising Strategies in a Slowdown

The AESKOPP System and the Six Steps of Selling

Amy Auerbach - "How to Sell to Digital Agencies"

Attitude and Emotional Intelligence

The Business Cycle and Leadership Vision

Business Ethics

Business Plan Template

Call Structure and Dealing With Objections

The Challenger Sale Summary

Company Capitalization Scenario

Company Capitalization Scenario - Voice Over


Competitive Advantage Through People

Creating Value


Customer Decision Journey

Decision Making

Effective Decision Making

Effective Listening

Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings and Decision Making

Emotional Intelligence

ESPN Presentation

Facebook Best Strategies

Five Forces That Shape Competition

Game Theory

Generating Proposals

Good To Great Process

How To Hire the Best People

How to Nail an Interview
Videos of interviewing disasters and tips on how to avoid them.

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk 

IAB Interactive Campaign Best Practices Summary

iHeart Media - 2015

Internet Business Models and Setting Up a Web Site

Key Account Selling

Leading Change

Leadership Styles

Managing Innovation in the Media
     What Is Creativity, Innovation?
     Wisdom of Teams and Role Functions
     New Rules for Brainstorming
     7 Principles Behind Steve Jobs'Innovative Genius
     UNICEF Principles for Innovation and Technology in Development
     Daily Habits of Geniuses
     18 Habits of Creative People
     Do Liars Make Better Artists?

Management Styles

Management Mistakes

Management Trends

Mary Meeker's Top Mobile Internet Trends

MediaCrossing Introduction to Programmatic Trading

Media Economics

Media Economics -Voice Over

Moral Hazard

Negotiating-New School_Megan

Negotiating Outline

The New Media Economy - Judy Sims

Nielsen Digital Overview

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections, Framing, and Closing

Performance Coaching and Discipline Without Punishment

P&G's Innovation Leadership Elements

Prospecting and Identifying Problems

Reach and Frequency

Role Functions In Groups

Sales Ethics


Solutions Selling

The biggest problem in management today, from Gary Hamel's What Matters Now

Talent Is Overrated

Tips on Making a Killer Presentation

The Strategy-Focused Organization

Time Management	

The Wisdom of CEOs

The Wisdom of Teams

What Is Management?  What Is Leadsership

What Is Selling?

What Is Selling - Auerbach

What Is Strategy?

What Really Works

World-Class Sales Organizations

Yes! The Power of Persuasion

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