Papers By Charles Warner

Benefits Matrix
A benefits matrix that aids media salespeople to position their benefits according to a
prospect's business needs and personal motivations, attributes, needs, and style.

Business Opportunity and Disposition Report
A report from Media Selling that is essential for keeping track of pending business and for
maximizing revenue if you are not using SalesForce.

Call Structure and Overcoming Objections Outline

Charlie's News Website Spreadsheet Example

Checklist for Killer Presentations

"Close to the Customer on the Telephone"
The rules of telephone courtesy, including guidelines for how to answer the telephone so that
customers are not run off.

"Compensating Media Managers"
A section of Chapter 7 of Media Sales Management that contains recommendations on how to pay
media managers and executives, including sales managers.

"Compensating Media Salespeople"
A paper that provides a thorough discussion of current sales compensation trends in America
and how media companies are behind the times.  They do not use compensation to gain a competitive
advantage. Several compensation plans are recommended.

"Creating an Online Revenue Budget"
How to estimate a revenue budget for an advertising-supported Web site.

"Creativity Definitions"

"Creativity Enhancing Techniques"
An outline of techniques that can enhance the creative process.

"Discovery Questions"

Effective Listening Workbook

Effective Meetings Checklist

"Effective Sales Meetings"
How and when to run effective sales meetings and individual meetings with salespeople.

"E-mail Tips"
Research indicates people waste three hours a day reading poorly written emails.  This paper
includes tips for writing effective emails.

"Emphasizing Budgets Gives the Wrong Message to Salespeople"
Sales managers often pound salespeople about making revenue budgets, which gives the wrong
message to salespeople. There's a better way to use revenue budgets.

"Employee Turnover: Who's At Fault?"
It is managers, not compensation, that are the primary cause of employee turnover.
This paper outlines how to reduce turnover.

Freebird Budget Spreadsheet

"Game Theory - Sales: Answers"
Suggested answers to the "Game Theory - Sales" case.

Hiring Decision Scale Workbook
A workbook that is a companion to the Interviewing Guide and takes you through how to develop
your own scale.

"How to Develop a Winning Strategy"
An article based on strategy and game theory literature that provides guideline for developing
effective strategies and making some winning strategic maneuvers.

"How to Hire the Best People"
Chapter 4: "Sales Talent" from Media Sales Management that includes how to structure a
selection interview, what to look for in candidates, and what questions to ask.

"How to Manage Creative People"
Creative people are different and require different management techniques, which are
outlined in this paper

"How to Write an Advertising Success Case Study"
This paper gives instructions on how to write an advertising
success case study and how to do it if a client says, "Don't use
my name."

"How to Write a Case Analysis"
This paper provides students with the appropriate format and
structure for writing a detailed analysis of a case study.
"How to Write a Case Study"
This paper gives instructions on how to format, structure, and write
an original, armchair case study.

"Interviewing Guide"
An interviewing guide that contains the
questions to ask in an interview for a sales job and a Hiring Decision Scale.

List of Human Needs

"Managing Up"
Advice to people on how to manage up--manage their boss.

Negotiating Exercise

Negotiating and Closing Outline

Negotiating and Closing Planner

"Performance Coaching for Salespeople"
A paper that emphasizes the importance of regular performance coaching and discipline
without punishment.

"The Polo Assumption"
A paper that tells two stories about the legendary CBS Television Network salesman Frank Hussey
and one that reinforces the fallacy of making the assumption that everyone behaves the way you do.

"Pre-Call Research Questions"
A list of information that salespeople should find out about customers before making a call so they will
have information about customers' marketing goals, strategies, budgets, and challenges in order to develop
effective insights and presentations.

"The Prisoners' Dilemma and the Mini-Max Strategy"
An explanation of the most well-known strategic game, including how to use a decision tree,
a payoff matrix, and the mini-max strategy in making decisions.

"Return On Advertising Investment"
A paper that shows how to construct a ROI analysis that shows that advertising is an investment,
not an expense, and can increase a company's overall ROI and stock price.

"Sales Audit"
A description of a sales audit for a sales organization.

"Sales Contests"
A section from Chapter 7 of Media Sales Management about how to run sales contests for maximum, fun,
motivation, and profits.

Sales Service Survey

"Sales Training in Media Organizations: Achieving and Evaluating Results"
How to tell if sales and management training works.

Sample Spreadsheet

"Television News Self-Examination Checklist"
A checklist for TV News Directors to see if their news has a sustainable competitive advantage.
It contains all the elements that make up winning local TV station newscasts.

"Television Reporter Package Checklist"
A checklist used by the University of Missouri School of Journalism to evaluate reporters' packages.

"The Three Stages of Raising Money"
The three stages of raising capital for a new enterprise and the differences between financing a company with
debt or equity.

"The Time Value of Money"
A paper that demonstrates how to calculate the Present Value (PV)and Future Value (FV) of money.

Time Value of Money Spreadsheet

"Treat Employees Like Volunteers With a Mission"
If you want employees to be highly motivated, treat them like volunteers--as though they did not have to
work for you--and give them a meaningful mission statement.

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